House Rules

1. Respect your fellow players and DM. If anyone is having an issue in or out of game with a fellow player or me, please reach out in message or in e-mail and we can see if there’s any reconciliation to be made. I can either be reached via messenger or at PLAYER VS. PLAYER COMBAT IS EXTREMELY PROHIBITED. Only on special occasions, generally with compromised characters will this be allowed.

2. Wizards can start with 4 starting first level spells and 2 second level spells in book. You will automatically get Detect Magic and Read Magic for free and do not count towards the initial 4. Go ahead and choose as you wish.

3. I forgot how much I hated open locks as a rogue’s skill in Dark Sun. Anyone who wishes to switch it to any one of the optional rogue skills in the Dragon King book may certainly do so (around page 71). This will also be available to traders. Any coin spent on picks or the like can be refunded or switched out for comparable mundane equipment at no penalty.

4. Traders will get poison use using the bard’s table, but traders roll a 1d3 instead of a 1d4 range for new poison knowledge and get a new poison every other level (they still add their level), starting with one at 1st. Rolls of the same poison mean that no new poison was learned.

5. Traders will not be considered a sub-class of rogue and will be dealt with much like the psionicist – as a separate class, allowing the class builds in Dune Trader to exist. Poison use will be allowed, but at the previous slower advancement suggested above.

6. Critical hits and misses. I don’t know if I ever said this aloud, but a nat 20 yields an automatic hit and double damage prior to bonuses. A 1 is an automatic miss, and results in a fumble, bow string snap, or a rogue arrow or missile having a chance of targeting a friend (especially in melee). Also, nonmetal weapons tend to break on crits so while the extra damage is often great, crits in dark sun often leave you with having to scrounge another thing to hit your foe with. 50% of arrows fired break on a missed shot, unless there’s a strange circumstance, such as extremely soft ground cover in an open area. All magical arrows and stones expend their magic on any shot, successful or not.

7. Rolls on the poisons known for Bards and Traders… a repeat roll doesn’t necessarily mean nothing is gained. For every time you roll the same poison, the victim will get a -1 to it’s save. This bonus can stack more than once.

8. Literacy. If you taking reading and writing in my game it will run throughout any languages you speak. (Just don’t get caught by those asshole templars!)

9. If you’re skilled in dagger or knife the proficiency crosses over to the other. There were a lot of weapon choices in 2nd Edition and only so many proficiency slots. Some other weapons may cross over like this in the future, like if you’re skilled in club – a datchi club might have no penalties as well. We’ll address this on a case-by-case basis as it comes up.

10. All wild talents will be pulled from the Will and the Way supplement. It’s usually 2 separate d100 rolls. If you have issues finding this chart, do the rolling and consult me.

11. Spiritual Hammer the cleric spell, will be renamed Spiritual Weapon and substitute any thrown weapon that the cleric is proficient in… the material component replaced with said weapon of choice. Also weapon material does not matter, but the weapon is still lost after casting.

12. I’m allowing a change to the character tree rules to allow half giants the ability to fit in any tree where a faction of their alignment would fit, even with a change. For instance, picking lawful as dedicated within an evil tree.

13. The old (non-Revised set) ability scores are being used. However (concerning high constitution scores), if a character is under the effect of dehydration or starvation, regeneration will not occur until the status is remedied.

14. Psionics – Body Control will now be a per turn cost vs. a per round cost as far as maintenance is concerned.

15. Defiling of foliage and lifeforce effects will occur as the spell is cast, not during memorization. This was changed from the first to second boxed sets and I prefer the older, more assholish version of defiling.

16. Enhanced Strength’s range of buff will be changed from 18 being the cap, to your racial max/cap. This only makes sense given Dark Sun’s higher range of ability scores.

17. Elements of the original boxed set will be included. Templars are a playable class. Also see rule #13.

18. Spark of Blinding as written is inferior to a Light spell in every way… and the same level. To make it useful, the following house rules will be applied.
Each round of the duration another flash will occur.
All creatures chosen by the caster within 10’ will be affected.
Also, the prereq of needing to be above ground is going to be waived.
The penalty will be the same as writ though, not quite as good as Light.

19. Spellcasters will not need to memorize specific spells. Given the nature of our play-by-post, you will be allowed to cast any of your spells up to the # of times your level and bonus slots dictate.

20. Non-warriors may take weapon expertise at a cost of two additional proficiency slots.

21. Halflings are allowed the preserver class as a choice. 16th level is their level cap. Illusionist Halflings may still be defiler or preservers as originally presented in the first Boxed Set.

22. Multiple kits can be taken with multi or dual class characters, as long as they don’t conflict. Dual class is more of the concern with prior in game actions possibly limiting kit choices.

23. Due to the events in my campaigns, no kits referencing the Cerulean Storm may be used. In regards to wizard choices, Wild Mages are allowed. Two main events allow their existence – one, the disruption of Kalidnay far in the past and two, the death of Kalak (or any other Sorcerer Monarch). Their numbers are small. They may be defilers or preservers upon generation.

24. Character kits as finalized in the City-state of Tyr book (pages 79-81) as well as those in the Dragon Magazine issues and in any other supplemental 2E Dark Sun book are allowed – as well as any well put together kits that pass DM muster (up and including Jesse Heinig’s work). The Dragon Magazine kits can be found in the game Dropbox for your perusal.

25. Psionic abilities, unless specifically stated in the body of text in the power, will not allow a psion to pass through another creature’s physical mass. Phasing will not pass through another living being’s mass, nor will ectoplasmic form, etc… in the off chance that a way is found to leave something in another’s physical form, damage might be incurred, but no insta-kills will be permitted.

26. Weaponsmithing is now two tiered.
At one proficiency slot? It acts as crude weaponsmithing – as described in the Ranger’s Handbook. Instead of wisdom, it is intelligence based.
Two slots spent gives you access to the full weaponsmithing proficiency as described in the Player’s Handbook. This is discounted from 3 slots.
If this causes anyone to have open slots, you may choose a replacement skill if you wish.

27. _Permanency_’s Con drain is temporary, 1 month of time before it returns.

House Rules

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