Character Generation

Character Generation

Character generation will encompass the AD&D 2nd Player’s Handbook and the Dark Sun Campaign Setting (Revised). There are links below to the Dropbox set up with all the Dark Sun and Core rules being used. Purple Worm is also a great source for basic rules. Be warned, however. A lot of the brown “Complete” books, AKA the splat books are not going to be used. If there is a specific proficiency or rule you like, please bring it up and we can talk about if it’s available in Athas. Character generation begins here:

Step 1 – Determine Ability Scores
Roll 6d4, discarding the lowest die, six times. Assign the six totals to the ability scores as desired. Use the tables on this site for ability scores.

Step 2 – Pick your Race
Pick your character’s race, noting any modifiers to your ability scores and any other racial traits. Dark Sun races are: aarakocra, dwarf, elf, half-elf, half-giant, halfling, human, mul, pterran, and thri-kreen.

Step 3 – Pick your Class
Dark Sun characters start at 3rd level if they are single classed. If the character is multi-classed, start with enough experience points to be 2nd level in the character’s most expensive class. Dark Sun classes are: bard, cleric, druid, fighter, gladiator, psionicist, ranger, templar, thief, trader and wizard.

Step 4 – Pick Proficiencies
Select weapon and non-weapon proficiencies as per the rules in this chapter. Each class starts with a set number of weapon and non-weapon proficiencies – these sections detail how many. Each proficiency costs one slot if it comes from the character’s in-class groups, or two slots otherwise. Non-weapon proficiencies are treated like an Ability Check for the relevant ability score. You can spend another slot on a non-weapon proficiency that you already have and gain a +1 on all checks with that proficiency.
Each class receives any bonus proficiencies due to high Intelligence and an additional weapon and non-weapon proficiency every three levels – so single-classed Dark Sun characters will have one extra weapon and non-weapon proficiency each because they start at 3rd level.
A character can become proficient in new weapons by seeking instruction from a fighter – see the fighter class description for details.

Step 5 – Buy Equipment
Please apply adjustments to price, weight, to hit and damage according to the material the weapon is made from, as per the information on the weapons page.

Step 6 – Wild Talents
All Athasian characters have one or more psionic wild talents. We use the chart in the Will & the Way book.

Step 7 – Finishing Details
Determine final details, including starting hit points (hp), Armour Class (AC), saving throws, and attack values. Height, weight and age are also covered in the relevant tables. Aside from these, you need to decide on your character’s name and physical appearance.

Step 8 – Character Trees
If your character is part of a character tree, be sure to factor this into any decisions you make. When completed, add the character to the tree and proceed with the next character, if needed.

Character Generation

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