Var-Ma’s Sling Stave

weapon (ranged)

One day, Var-Ma was ranging his lands when the Spirit of the Land itself came to him in the form of dust and air. As he prostrated himself before the temporary form, it grumbled of a time to wander and learn more of the world, so he may properly care for his grounds. The simple staff sling that the kenku held was in part infused with the primal being’s essence to aid in his wanderings. Harnessing both the earth and air, it left a portion of it’s being within the weapon.

This magical quarterstaff appears to be a +1 weapon unless it is grasped by a druid, whereupon its power of slinging becomes evident. This power, which can be employed only by a druid, is activated when one end of the staff is touched to a heavy object of roughly spherical shape (a stone, metal ball, pottery crock, etc.) of up to nine inches in diameter and five pounds in weight. The object adheres to the end of the staff, and the wielder need then only swing the staff in an overhand arc to release the missile toward a desired target.
The missile leaves the staff on the downstroke of the overhand swing and travels in a low, rising trajectory, with the missile going one foot upward for every 10 feet traveled. Of course, the arc may be higher, or the missile aimed so as to travel nearly vertically. (In the latter case, reverse the arcing ratio so that one foot of distance laterally is covered for every 10 feet of vertical rise.) The maximum range of such a missile is 180 feet, with limits of 60 feet and 120 feet on short and medium range, respectively.

This staff also carries charges, and a druid wielding the item can expend one charge and thereby use the staff to hurl a missile of large size, as if the wielder were a stone giant (range out to 300 feet, 3d10 points of damage per hit). Whether used as a magical quarterstaff or by employing one of its slinging powers, the staff bestows +1 to the wielder’s attack roll and +1 per die to damage dealt out. The weapon may be recharged by a druid of 12th or higher level.

15 charges.

Var-Ma’s Sling Stave

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