"The Widow" - a Wrist Razor

weapon (melee)

This bone wrist razor was used by a famous female mul gladiator, K’alisha, in Nibenay until her death in the pits. She was killed by her pit-husband in an act of cruelty by her owner… mainly due to punish her husband for an indiscretion. He soon committed suicide there after. Her spirit bound to her blades instead of completely joining the Grey.

Once per day, the user can activate Adrenaline Control, using their Constitution score as the target for the power score, as long as the weapon is worn. It has 32 PSPs, thus can be held active for 6 rounds before deactivating. If a failure is rolled, an attempt can be made to activate the following round, but 8 PSPs are burned for each unsuccessful activation.

There is a catch, however. Once the power is dropped, the wearer must stop and sob, grieving for a number of rounds equal to those the power was in use. No other actions may be taken at this time, although the weeping warrior may be dragged about or thrown in a wagon…

Adrenalin Control

Power Score: Con -3 Initial Cost: 8 Maintenance Cost: 4/round Range: 0 Preparation Time: 0 Area of Effect: personal Prerequisite: none

By controlling the production and release of adrenaline in his system, the psionicist can give himself temporary physical boosts on demand. When he increases his adrenalin, the character gains 1d6 points, which he can add directly to his Strength, Dexterity, or Consti- tution scores however he chooses. He enjoys all the normal bonuses for high physical attributes while this power is in effect. If the psionicist’s power check result is a he overtaxes his system with this adrenaline. He still gets the boost, but he loses twice as many hit points, too.

Power Score-Instead of dividing the d6 result, the character applies that many points to each of the three attributes.

20-The psionicist must make a successful system shock roll or suffer a 50% loss in current hps and pass out for 1d8 hours.

"The Widow" - a Wrist Razor

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