The Tyrian Gambit


“How does she stay above the silt captain?” HurK asks looking up and down the ship. “Spite & passion mostly. A love of freedom, the two of us are kindred so-to-speak.” Replies Caym. “My dear Tyrian helm here, she very much likes to move, float and dream. I put much into her and she returns the favor. I am very much bonded to Lilim, not that we’ve ever grasped each others hand.” Abezethibou adds. “Caym and Lilim are wed, in a sense. They have connected through the Way and have found a mutual purpose.” Caym nods.

The Tyrian Gambit is one of the few, non-Balic owned psionic helms not controlled by the State itself. The obsidian orb holding Lilim’s psyche was dredged from a ruined ship and installed in a newly built vessel some 6 years prior to the party having found themselves as her current crew.

It’s highly regarded as a cursed vessel though. Lilim demands attention and a tapped in psion (using contact) at all times she moves. While the use is generally light as far as PSPs are concerned (3/hour), she occasionally demands lifeforce (HP dependent on her whim) for acceleration or wind affecting powers. Heavy loads can cause a higher PSP expenditure. 36’X18", single mast. About 5000# in tonnage. Space for 8 human adults comfortably above decks. Not including the crow’s nest and psion below.

The fact that Andro has not reclaimed Lilim for his fleet is somewhat unsettling.

The Tyrian Gambit

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