The Hefty Psurlon’s Medallion of Hovering


When contacted psionically, this medallion can convey the power of levitation. This is as the power in the CPH, Pg. 47. It only affects those wearing the said item.

Levitation – This power allows a psion to float. It is the use of telekinesis on oneself. A user can lift himself at the rate of 1 foot per second, or 60 feet per round. The user can descend as quickly as he wants by simply letting himself fall, then slowing down as he nears the ground. Levitation is not flying; it doesn’t provide any horizontal movement. The user can hover motionless. and will drift with wind. Control wind allows him to determine the direction in which he drifts. Project force allows him to create a “wall” wherever it’s needed. Each change of direction or speed is a distinct use of the power, however, and costs. A psion can always levitate his own weight. Additional weight, such as equipment or passengers, is a hindrance. Every 25 pounds of added weight reduces the user’s power score by one point.

The fragment of personality within is simply named Albart. He was an obese noble from Nibenay that made this trinket to help himself rise in the morn and go about his daily routine. A failed activation simply has him complaining he is “too tired” and “not in the mood to work today”.

Psionic pool unknown.

The item itself is made of lead or tin and simply adorned.

The Hefty Psurlon’s Medallion of Hovering

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