Templar's Baton

Stolen from a Balician templar...


This black enameled rod radiates faintly of alteration magic when subjected to a detect magic spell.

Upon the command of its possessor, the weapon activates, changing from a normal-seeming rod to a trikal, elongating to six feet in length. 1d10/1d10, speed 8.

In baton form, it deals damage equal to a club, 1d6/1d3, speed 4.

Nonproficiency rules apply.

While able to damage creatures only affected by magical weapons, it has no bonuses to hit or damage.

If the holder of the rod expends one charge, he gains +2 bonuses on Armor Class and +1 saving throws for one turn. The rod need not be in weapon-form for this protection benefit to be employed. Transforming it into a weapon (or back into a rod) does not expend any charges.

30 charges remaining, rechargeable by a templar of Andropinus (if you can con one to do so)

Templar's Baton

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