Tablet Contraption - Blue Age Astrolabe


This object used with a character with either astrology, navigation or applicable proficiency gives a +2 bonus to such rolls as long as the sky is clear and there’s time to properly position the stones.

This odd contraption consists for four parts.

  • A round stone disk with a raised middle section (imagine the pin on a record player).
  • A slightly smaller round disk with a hole in the center that fits above the first piece. There is evidence of darker smears along the edge. Perhaps once had writing or paint long ago.
  • Broken in two, a strange stone tablet is found… very similar to this (see pic). If the two pieces are held together, they’d be about the size of a small pie. The writing is archaic and indecipherable at first glance. On the right, you can make out pictures of Ral, Guthay and the Sun, as well as a few star patterns that also look familiar.

The last owner of the Stone Boat (where this item was found) was a Lawful & Neutral-aligned halfling male, perhaps 50 years of age, that lost this ship to grounding on hidden rocks. He built the ship himself and with close family some time long ago. The stone discs were owned and chiseled by the same person. You do get an impression of how it would rest. The divot piece upon the bottom, the piece with the hole above that, and the two other pieces on top of that (but side-by-side).

Tablet Contraption - Blue Age Astrolabe

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