Soul of Kel'thaun


This necklace doesn’t seem to be much… a very old halfling tribal affair. It was once worn by Kel’thaun, a great rhulisti hunter and hero of ages past.

Wearing the necklace gifts the wearer with the hunting proficiency. If one is already proficient in hunting, they recieve a +3 bonus to such rolls. It also provides a +1 bonus to AC.

It also allows correspondence with the spirit of Kel’thaun after a fresh kill or during an active “hunt”. The hunter died of old age, and anytime he’s contacted you aren’t sure of which Kel you’re talking to. He tends to be a bit judgmental to non-hunters.

1d6 Roll:

1-2 Young Kel
3-4 Adult Kel
5-6 Venerable Kel

He has knowledge of the ancient Jagged Cliffs, Forest Ridge and the Dark Swamp… their animals and habits as well as day-to-day life of an ancient halfling. His knowledge of life shaping is not too extensive… but he may remember different items that were in use during his life.

Soul of Kel'thaun

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