Arciss' Torpor Robes

Black & recently damaged by spirit blades... once owned by a psurlon.


A mental fragment of a witch once named Arciss.

It has the ability to transfer a state of torpor upon the wearer, indistinguishable from death.

She is refusing to bestow this power until the robe is repaired properly… having recently been savaged by the blades of Zhen.

Suspend Animation
Item Power Score: 14
Initial Cost: 12
Maintenance Cost: na
Range: 0
Preparation Time: 5

With this power a psion can “play dead”- bringing all life functions to a virtual halt. Only the most careful examination will show that the character is still alive. Even psionic powers such as life detection and ESP will not turn up any evidence of life unless those powers are maintained for at least three minutes. Use of the probe power will detect life immediately.
The psion can remain in suspended animation for a number of weeks equal to the results of his power check-or less. When he wishes to put himself to sleep, he first decides when he wants to wake. Then he makes his power check. If the number rolled is less than
the time he hoped to be “suspended,” he awakens prematurely.

Power Score-The psion remains aware
of his surroundings & can wake at any time
he chooses.
20-The psion falls unconscious and
only violent slapping can revive him.

Arciss' Torpor Robes

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