Onyx Fly

Stolen from the Lawkeepers of Bodach...


Said to turn into a massive flying insect when commanded.

Smuggled out of the ruins of Bodach in a very uncomfortable place (and no, not the back of a Volkswagen!).

At a word, this small, carved fly comes to life and grows to the size of a kank. The ebony fly is Armor Class 4, has 4+4 Hit Dice, and maneuverability class C. It flies at a movement rate of 48 without a rider, 36 carrying up to 210 pounds weight, and 24 carrying from 211 to 350 pounds weight. The item can be used a maximum of three times per week, 12 hours per day. When 12 hours have passed or when the command word is spoken, the ebony fly once again becomes a tiny statuette.

Onyx Fly

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