Odrela of Bodach's Gladius

AKA The Hurk Stabber 5000

weapon (melee)

She probably wants this back.

Ensorcelled or blessed. This short sword was used to stab Hurk about five times in his neck.

It is so metal, that the hilt, grip and pommel are also of steel. In fine condition for something as old as it probably is.

+1 to hit and damage. In the hands of an immortal, master swordswoman or man? Simply deadly.

Odrela adds, “That blade was forged for me by the dwur of Kemlalok and handed to me as a gift from their King. The partnership of Bodach and the small ones was essential in keeping our borders safe… and in the continued construction within our realm. It has remained keen since before the Speaker’s time.”

Odrela of Bodach's Gladius

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