Mardaluion’s Armor of the Fire Drake


Mardaluion’s Armor of the Fire Drake, Leather Armor +1

Mardaluion was a marauder that led a band of miscreant heroes in the Tyr region. He and his friends lost their lives fighting the scrab queen in the wastes between Tyr and Raam. He had the armor personally crafted after stumbling upon a drake carcass in his youth and then ensorcelled by a defiler that owed him a favor.

Weighs half the weight of a standard suit of leather. While conferring no additional saves to fire to the wearer, the suit itself saves vs magical and normal fire at a +4. AC: 4 as suggested by the Burnt World of Athas net project. No Dex bonus loss. 15 pounds, feels like 10 due to enchantment.

Mardaluion’s Armor of the Fire Drake

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