Dhojakt's War Stave, “The Bringer of Locusts”

An imposing staff, barbed and emanating power...

weapon (melee)

This massive stave is a weapon of terrifying power crafted by Gallard himself. Eventually gifted to his son after he came of age.

It once helped Dhojakt kill a cell of preserver traitors of the Veiled Alliance, distracting his foes so he could take the time to destroy them properly. Been in numerous battles against Gulg and the Oba.

Any priest character (cleric, druid, shaman, witch doctor, etc.) holding it can command the staff to create a swarm of plague insects or arachnids, at the same time expending one of the staff’s charges.

Range is 60 yards+10 yards per level of the user. The number of insects produced is 60 plus 10 per clerical level of the wielder. Every 10 insects will inflict 1 point of damage upon the target victim, regardless of Armor Class, unless the victim is protected by a force field, engulfed in flames, etc.

Note, however, that the insects will not affect creatures larger than man-sized with a natural Armor Class of 5 or better.

When a vulnerable target is attacked by the swarm of flying insects (35% chance), the target will be unable to do anything other than attempt to dislodge and kill the things. The insect attack lasts for one round.

The war stave is also the equivalent of a plus 3 magical weapon. (If the weapon vs. armor type adjustment is used, the staff is treated as the most favorable weapon type vs. any armor.) It causes 1d6+3 points of damage when a hit is scored. This expends no charge. If two charges are expended, bonus damage is doubled (1d6+6); if three charges are expended, bonus damage is tripled (1d6+9). No more than three charges can be expended per strike. Only a priest character may expend these additional 2-3 charges.

The staff can be recharged. It will resize to a smaller, clerical user… but always be larger than it really needs to be. It is simply imposing in any form.


Dhojakt's War Stave, “The Bringer of Locusts”

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