Death Whistle of Waverly

This was once smuggled out of Bodach...

musical instrument

…in a very dark place.

These whistles were used by Waverly armies to strike fear in their enemies. They even hold power over the undead. This one was lost during Irikos’ assault and cursing of Bodach.

When blown it allows fear to be cast as if thrown by a 13th level wizard once time a day. Unlike the spell description, this affects undead as well. Allies caught in the cone are affected as well.

When a fear spell is cast, the wizard sends forth an invisible cone of terror that causes creatures within its area of effect to turn away from the caster and flee in panic. Affected creatures are likely to drop whatever they are holding when struck by the spell; the base chance of this is 60% at 1st level (or at 1 Hit Die), and each level (or Hit Die) above this reduces the probability by 5%. Thus, at 10th level there is only a 15% chance, and at 13th level no chance, of dropping items. Creatures affected by fear flee at their fastest rate for a number of melee rounds equal to the level of experience of the spellcaster.

Death Whistle of Waverly

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