Dazzler's Sticks

A performer's weapons...

weapon (melee)

This pair of singing sticks are currently wielded by Kemintiri. Once owned by another jaz’t gladiator, they were taken as part of her spoils in combat.

Plus 1 in enchantment, they glow perpetually as if affected by a faerie fire spell. The color may be changed at will (or occasionally due to the emotions the user is currently feeling). They can be dimmed, but not completely extinguished… or brightened to provide light equal to a torch.

Any color or combination is possible, with the exception of Black.

One minor issue. Attempts to hit to disarm the Dazzler’s Sticks in the dark or twilight give the opponent a +2 bonus to do so. Thus is the price for flashy weapons… (it still gets the bonus to weapon speed due to being magical – so it isn’t completely a wash!)

Dazzler's Sticks

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