Blasting Rod of Aman

An ancient rod of power, found in the Buried City (Tower)...


Once used in the defense of the last trolls during the Cleansing wars, by Aman the Fallen, Traitor of Rajaat the Warbringer. Laahk’s reading puts Aman at 3,564 years old and a man. Um. That’s not good, probably?

This wand discharges magic missiles similar to those of the 1st-level wizard spell of the same name. The missile causes 2d4+2 points of damage. It always hits its target when the wand is wielded by a wizard, otherwise an attack roll is required. The wand has an initiative modifier of +3, and each missile costs one charge. A maximum of two may be expended in one round.

The wand may be recharged.

41 Charges.

Command word, “Vis”.

Blasting Rod of Aman

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