Berg'mench's Mind Cheese


Berg’Mench was gifted a cutting from a special lemon tree years ago by his mentor after his years of wandering were completed. He planted the tree and eventually cultivated a small grove on Ledo Isle. Combining his passions for goat’s cheese and care of the grove, he’s managed to produce a decent amount of special, leaf wrapped goat’s cheese. A light dusting of fine, ashy silt under the lemon leaf is a telltale sign that you’ve stumbled on his craft.

Eating a half a wheel will restore 2d4 PSPs to a psion or wild talent. A full wheel 2d8 PSPs. Most humans take a round to eat a half wheel, 2 for a full. Large creatures cut this time in half. Wheels slightly vary in weight, but generally about a pound (16 oz.).

A side effect of using potion fruit in cheese-making, they keep incredibly well… but sometimes with inconsistent results.

Do not consume raw milk products if pregnant or if one has a pre-existing potion fruit effect already activated. Do not use against DM’s orders or if one has heart conditions or liver dysfunction.

This will not bump PSPs beyond the maximum the character possesses.

He does not sell the individual fruit. He needs them to make more cheese, which also keeps his large friends happy.

Berg'mench's Mind Cheese

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