A Pair of Dark Urns

Taken from the blocked vault under the Hill in Nibenay...


These obsidian urns were found in a warded room, under a cursed Hill, behind a rocky blockage (once protected by a pair of dream spiders and their nest) and beyond a thin path over the sewers beneath the City State.

Faint, painted script is found upon closer inspection.

These urns were owned by an undead warlord named Harkor in the realms of the same name. The urns date 4,086 and 4,088 years old (Shurpanakha’s and Narakasura’s respectively). They contain the remains and souls of two of his strongest lieutenants, a woman warrior & crusader named Shurpanakha and Narakasura a nobleman-turned cultist; both fellow worshippers of flame. The two quarreled before passing, but served Harkor both in life & death.

A bold warning, “BEWARE. HIGHLY DANGEROUS. SEALED ON COMMAND OF THE SHADOW KING HIMSELF.” was found scratched into the barred door that blocked the urns and some five stone tablets.

The stone tablets, perhaps sixteen or eighteen inches by ten a piece are full of chiseled, cramped common script.

“These were owned by a famed explorer & noble from Nibenay, one Manion Shom. He is one of the few to have visited the obsidian fields of the south and survived to tell the tale. Manion was highly regarded by the Shadowking himself and his court. He protected something important from wandering eyes that he brought forth from the dark lands.” -Andras of Altaruk

(First tablet) “Our expedition was a success into the realm of Harkor. The remains of his two most powerful servants have quickly been taken under his nose and we have once again made it back to my estate in Nibenay. His Lordship is happy with our accomplishments, he only insists that they are properly safeguarded… he also reserves the right to deal with them if they prove too hard to manage. My reputation is such that I do not believe this to be an issue.”

(Second tablet) Parts are chiseled off. "…the main secret is to ward against… the room is now complete. Much of my fortune is spent of late, the renovations are costly. The rage is almost palpable; a physical force at times. I know his communion with these disciples of the first sorcerer have left him furious and…

(Third tablet) Looks to be written in an odd, alien script. “The writing on this one…” Andras points at the foreign script as he continues in a whisper. “Is a ward against evil and spirits… as well as spell to make it everlasting. Two dweomers on one tablet. Quite the find. You found these in Nibenay I’m pretty certain.” Protection from Evil; Permanency

(Fourth tablet) “The Ur-Draxans are hunting me. I believe I have given them the slip. The masks! The lacquered…” The rest is defaced.

(Fifth tablet) “They come! I will destroy what needs to be destroyed and alert Gallard’s shadow wives of my failure.”

A Pair of Dark Urns

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