Zeekir the Seeker



Player: Alex Orzulak
Character Name: Zeekir the Seeker
Origin: Tyr
Race: Tari. sex: M
Height: 5 ft. Eyes: brown Weight: 110 lbs Pelt: tan and brown
Age: 19
Class: Psion/thief
Level: 5/6
Kit: ?
Alignment: CN
Thaco 18

Current Experience: 20,000 / 20,000
Need for Next Level: 10,000 / 20,000

Armor Class: 4
Without Dexterity: 5
Hit Points 28
Movement Rate 9

Ability Scores:
Strength 8

Dexterity 15

Constitution 16

Intelligence 16

Wisdom 18

Charisma 9

Ability Score Adjustment: +1 Dex, +1 Con, -2 Cha

Saving Throws

Paralysation, Poison, or Death Magic
Rod, Staff, or Wand
Petrification or Polymorph
Breath Weapon

Racial Abilities
Movement Rate: 9.
+2 natural Armor Class bonus
A tari can use his bite to attack once per round for 1d3 damage.
Disease: The bite of a tari has a 5% chance of inflicting a disease (save vs. poison to avoid) that incapacitates the victim for 1d6 hours. Three days later, the victim permanently loses 1d3 hit points per day until cured by a cure disease spell. Lost hit points are not restored by the cure.
Infravision: Tari can see varying degrees of heat in the darkness to a distance of 120’
Natural Scavenger: Tari can eat and drink food and water that would be too spoiled or polluted for other races to stomach. Unless the food or drink is actually poisoned, tari never suffer any ill effects from its consumption.

Weapon proficiencies: short blades tight group, javelin
Non Weapon Proficiencies:
bonus: 2 languages: dwarf, thieves cant
plus: language: gith, language: common, observation, Power Manipulation, Rejuvenation, Hypnosis, Tumbling, Ancient History: Kalidnay + 1 slot: ___________________

2 matching bone widow knives, 4 megapede claw-tipped javelins (no penalty for material)
thieve’s tools, torch, firekit, 1 globe of spoiled kank honey

Poisons known:

(Weight in packs: Weight in pouches: Other: )

Bits: 25
Ceramic: 8
Silver: 5
Other: 1x 20 cp gem hidden

Psionics: 28 at 1st level, plus 13/level
PSPs: 80

Main: TK, plus Metabolism
Sciences: Telekinesis, Telekinetic Flight, Poison Simulation
Devotions: Momentum Theft, Levitation, Control Light, Molecular Bonding, Inertial Barrier, Control Body, Chemical Simulation, Chameleon, Spider Touch, Displacement

Racial abilities:

- Infravision (60 ft).
- Proficiency/Feat: Ambidexterity 4 [Good at the 2 weapon fighting style (no penalty for the first hand, and only a –2 penalty for off-hand use)].
- Adverse reaction: –3 reaction with city dwellers.
- Natural armor 2: AC 7
- Resistance 1: +2 Sav. Throw vs Poison & Disease.
- Infectious bite 3: 1d3 damage. Each time I successfully bite an opponent, it has a 5% chance of inflicting a disease. The victim can avoid the effects if they successfully saves vs. poison. Once infected, the victim becomes feverish and virtually incapacitated in 1d6 hrs. On the 3rd day after contracting the disease, the victim loses 1d3 hit points/day, permanently. There are many false cures for the tari disease sold in the marketplaces of Athas. The only sure mean is a Cure Disease spell.

Class Abilities:

- intrigue & espionage: Thieving skills (20 pts/level, max of 10 to a single one/level up).

- poisons: 1d3+actual trader level, once every other level starting in the 1st. If the same one is rolled out, the victim gets –1 to their S. Throw.

- Skilled linguistic: +1 extra language/ 3 levels.

- Natural ability to Fast-talk: Cha check modified by the Int & WIS of the target (Dune Trader, p. 68).

Proficiency details:
Undead Knowledge (1 slot, Wis)
A character with Undead Knowledge is well versed in the lore of undead creatures, This proficiency may be used in determining probable lairs, dining habits, and history of such creatures. Open possessors of this proficiency are viewed with alarm.


A contact of Nibenay’s Veilled Alliance, and building his reputation as a finder of long-lost secrets. The recent cataclysm has him stuffing his pockets with all possible undamaged small tools and bits of random stuff. It all has a purpose in his nimble mind and fingers

Zeekir the Seeker

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