Yahg'gharaa Twice-Blessed (responds to 'Yag')



Player: Alex Orzulak
Character Name: Yahg’gharaa Twice-Blessed (responds to ‘Yag’)
Race: Aarakocra Sex: M
Weight: 86
skin: deep ochre
plumage: rust brown and red
Size: M Age: 14
Class: Fighter/Cleric of Air
Kit: -
Level: F3/C3
Alignment: CG

thac0: 18 / 15 missiles
Current Experience: F 5750 / C 5050
Need for Next Level: F 2250/ C 950

Armor Class: 1
Without Dexterity: Rear: 5
Without Shield: Touch:

Hit Points 30

Movement Rate walk 6, fly 18

Ability Scores

Strength 12 : Allowance: 45 Press: 140 Open Doors: 7 BB/Lift Gates: 4%

Dexterity 19 Reaction Adj. +3 Missile Bonus +3 Defensive Adj. -4

Constitution 17 Hit Point 3/2 System Shock Resurrection Poison Regeneration

Intelligence 12 Maximum Spell Level: Learn Chance: Max Spells/lvl: Bonus Proficiencies: 3

Wisdom 17 Magical Def +3 . Adj. Spell Level:2 L1, 2 L2, 1 L3 Chance of Failure:

Charisma 14 Loyalty Base: 1 Reaction Adj.2

Saving Throws:

Paralysation, Poison, or Death Magic 10
Rod, Staff, or Wand 14
Petrification or Polymorph 13
Breath Weapon 16
Spells 15

Special Abilities
Racial Abilities: Natural AC 7, Fly MV 36 C, 2 talon attacks/rnd: D3 each, when using javelins, (if proficient) gets diving attack: +4 to hit, double damage.

Racial penalties:

Any damage caused by a bludgeoning weapon is increased by 1d4

-2 penalty to all attack rolls when forced to fight in an enclosed area (any area preventing spread wings and flying)

Class Abilities:
Turn Undead
Gains a minor granted power at 3rd level:
Feather Fall: Once per day. The duration of this abilityis the extent of the fall. If the priest should happen to fall a second time, he had best have a spell of the same name

Languages Known:
Common, Aaakocra, Pterran


Initial Slots: 4 Free Slots: 1
Expertise: double spear (2 slots)
Proficient: sling, javelin

Initial Slots: Free Slots:1
Additional Slots: 3

Healing (2 slots) 15 (Wis-2)
Hunting: 16: ( Wis -1)
Weather Sense: 16 (Wis -1)
Tactics +2: 13 (Int -1) After 1 round of watching opponent, can get +1 to AT or -1 to initiative rolls. Can only parry or use psionics while watching.
Somatic Concealment: 18 (Dex-1)

(all from arena)
Armor: leather armor
Double spear: SF6, #AT 3/2 thac0 18, D8/D8, gets additional attack vs. opponent who has never seen this weapon, these foes get -1 to their AT and Dmg. rolls for 2 rounds. Specialization use from Expertise: Can attack two opponents with -1 damage, with additional 3/2 from expertise.

2 bone javelins: thaco 15 / 11 missile, 1d6+3

sling: #AT , thac0 15, SF 6, DMG: d4 Range: 40/80/160
14 sling stones

ochre dyed cloth half- vest under harness with 4 pouches:
1 for sling, 1 for slingstones, 1 for coin, 1 with spell components

Encumbrance: 10
(Weight in packs: Weight in pouches: Other: )


Silver: 10

Cleric Spells

Spells per Day/Level
4x 1st
2x 2nd
L1 Bless, Curse of Tongues, Cure Light Wounds, Detect Evil, Protection from Evil, Command, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Protection From Evil, Remove/Cause Fear, Purify Food and Drink, Deep Breath, Detect Magic, Animal Friendship, Sanctuary

L2: Channel Stench, Draw Upon Holy Might, Detect Poison, Aid, Hesitation

Memorized: L1: Cure Light Wounds, Sanctuary, Detect Evil, Protection From Evil

L2:, Find Traps, Slow Poison

Spell Details:

Curse of Tongues (Alteration) Sphere: Elemental Air
Range: 5 yards per level
Components V, M
Duration: 1 round per level
Casting Time: 4
Area of Effect: 1 creature
Saving Throw: None
Material Component: String or cord tied in a knot.
This minor spell makes its target’s speech completely unintelligible by distorting the air waves that project the voice and dispersing them. This interrupts any spell casting requiring verbal components.

Deep Breath (Alteration)
Sphere: Elemental (Air)
Range: Touch
Components: V, S, M
Duration: 1 round/level
Casting Time: 1
Area of Effect: Creature touched
Saving Throw: None
With this spell the caster allows one creature to take a single breath that will last for the duration of the spell. The spell bestows no ability to maneuver or function underwater or while buried in sand, but it does temporarily remove the need to breathe. Once the spell’s duration runs out, a character who cannot breathe normally begins to suffocate after 1/3
his Constitution score in rounds (Constitution check each round with a -2 cumulative penalty to postpone damage; 1d6 damage per round after failing a check).
If the deep breath spell is cast after a character has already held his breath for a few rounds, it works as though he got a clean gulp of air. When the spell wears off he begins the suffocation procedure fresh.
The spell also lets the character avoid the ill effects most gaseous attacks, magical and otherwise.
The material component for this spell is a tiny bladder of air, usually made from animal skins, which must be burst over the recipient’s mouth.

Channel Stench
(Summoning) Sphere: Elemental Air
Range: 0
Components: V, S
Duration: 3 rounds
Casting Time: 3
Area of Effect: 10 foot cube
Saving Throw: Special
The priest draws in a deep breath and expels it toward his opponent. All noxious odors from up to two miles away are channeled through the cleric’s breath and ejected in a vile cone of stench. All breathing creatures within the cone must make a saving throw vs. poison. Those who fail must retreat and gag for 1-6 rounds; those who succeed will fight at –1 for 1-6 rounds due to teared eyes and labored breathing. Strong winds or a source of fresh air will cut this in half. Those with more than 5 Hit Dice or higher than 5th level may ignore channel stench.

Level: 2
Components: V, S, M
Range: 30 yards
AoE: 20-foot-radius circle
Save: Neg.
Casting Time : 2
Duration: 1 round/level
Creatures affected by this spell hesitate before executing their intended actions. This causes them to modify their initiative rolls by +4. The initiative modifier occurs in the round following the round in which hesitation is cast. The spell affects 2-8 Hit Dice or levels of creatures, although only one creature of 4 or more Hit Dice can be affected regardless of the number rolled. All possible victims are allowed saving throws vs. spells; those failing their saving throws modify their initiative rolls by +4 for a number of rounds equal to the caster’s level. The material component is a fragment of a turtle’s shell.

Wild Talents:
TK, Ballistic Attack

Psionic Strength Points: 32
Gains 4/level

Power Score: 14 (Wis -3)
Initial Cost: 3+ Maintenance Cost: 1+/round
Range: 30 yards
Preparation Time: 0
Area of Effect: single item
Telekinesis, or “TK” for short, is the ability to move objects through space without touching them. All telekinetic efforts tend to be physically taxing, because they involve real work. Moving small, light objects is relatively easy. As the objects become more massive, the task becomes significantly more difficult. The costs above (3 PSPs initially and 1 per round of maintenance) assume that the object being moved weighs 3 pounds or less. For heavier objects, these rules apply: • The initial cost equals the object’s weight in pounds. • The maintenance cost is half the initial cost, rounded down.• The character’s power score is decreased by one-third of the object’s weight in pounds, rounded down. For example, to telekinetically snatch a 15-pound battle axe from a rack, a psionicist must pay 15 PSPs and make a power check with a -5 modifier to his score. A psionicist using TK can move an object up to 60 feet per round. The object can serve as a weapon. In this case, the character attacks using his own THACO score, with a penalty equaling the objects weight modifier (one-third its weight, rounded down). Power Score – The character can lift a second item of equal or less.

Ballistic Attack
Power Score: 15 (Con -2)
Initial Cost: 5
Maintenance Cost: na
Range: 30 yards
Preparation Time: 0
Area of Effect: 1 item, 1 lb.
Prerequisites: telekinesis
This power can make any psionicist a “David” when he’s facing “Goliath.”
It’s a special variation of the telekinesis science. Instead of moving any
object relatively slowly, ballistic attack allows the character to hurl a small
object at a target. The object, no more than 1 pound in weight, can achieve
deadly speeds. It must be within sight of the psionicist and cannot be anchored
or attached to anything else. A rock is the most common weapon.
The psionicist uses his regular THACO to determine whether he hits the
target. If he succeeds, the missile inflicts 1d6 points of damage (assuming, of
course, that the character made a successful power check in the first place).
Power Score – Damage increases to 1d12.
20 – Ballistic boomerang. The psionicist becomes the object’s target.


One of the few chosen from his nest to be born as both a warrior and a holy vessel of the winds, Yag Twice-Blessed spread his wings to seek knowledge in the skies. Snared by trappers seeking exotic races for the games, his captors saw his savagery and apparent psionic powers (concealed spells) and hustled him to Nibenay’s arena. Stripped of his weapons, he managed to survive the first 4 fights with luck and claw, secretly healing himself and his cel mates overnight to win back his prized twinspear for tomorrow’s next bout, a trash-fight against slaves like himself.

While his devotion forbids all forms of captivity, he knows there is a bit of coin starting to flow to his stable. With pride in his wings he will make the crowds sing his name, while trying his best to spare and guide these pitiful dregs towards the truth found in wide open spaces. The Shadow King’s air patrols are not to be tested, so he will bide his time, maybe bet on himself, and with the wind in his voice, see his way clear of this seething dung heap of a city.

Yahg'gharaa Twice-Blessed (responds to 'Yag')

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