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Player: Michael
Character Name: Rizla “the Mad Monkey” “Rope Dancer of Nibenay”
Race: Mul; Sex: Male
Height: 6’4"; Eyes: Green
Weight: 264lbs; Hair: Blond
Size: Medium; Age: 19
Class: Gladiator
Kit: Arena Champion
Level: 6
Alignment: Neutral Neutral

Current Experience: 44,500
Need for Next Level:

Armor Class: 9 (without flesh armor)
Without Dexterity: 10; Rear: 10;
Without Shield: 10; Touch: 9

Hit Points
Temporary: 53
Maximum: 53

Movement Rate 12

Ability Scores

Strength 17
To Hit/Damage: 1/1; Weight Allowance: 85 lbs; Max Press: 220lbs; Open Doors: 10; Bend Bars/Lift Gates: 13%

Dexterity 15
Reaction Adj. 0; Missile Bonus 0; Defensive Adj. -1

Constitution 15
Hit Point +1; System Shock 90%; Resurrection 94%; Poison Nil; Regeneration Nil

Intelligence 13
Maximum Spell Level: 6th; Learn Chance: 55%; Max Spells/lvl: 9; Bonus Proficiencies: 3

Wisdom 11
Magical Def. Adj. 0; Spell Level: 0; Chance of Failure: 10%

Charisma 12
Max Henchmen: 5; Loyalty Base: 0; Reaction Adj. 0

Saving Throws

Paralysation, Poison, or Death Magic 11
Rod, Staff, or Wand 13
Petrification or Polymorph 12
Breath Weapon 13
Spells 14

Special Abilities
Racial Abilities: Mul Exertion (Heavy Labor/39 hours before resting; Medium Labor/51 hours before resting; Light Labor/63 hours before resting; Normal Activity/15 days); Class Abilities: Proficient with all weapons, can specialize in multiple weapons, /-4 modifier to all punching/wrestling rolls, Armor Optimization (1 to AC/5 levels if wearing armor), gains followers at 9th level
Languages Known: Dwarven and Nibenese Natively, Universal Sign


Initial Slots: 4; Free Slots: 4 (3 Int 1 Kit); Additional Slots: 3; Specialized in Crane Style (picture Kickboxing), Specialized in Dragon Style (picture Bareknuckle Boxing), Specialized in Kirre Style (picture “soft” redirects and throws), Specialized in Klar Style (picture Greco-Roman Wrestling), Specialized with Gythka, Specialized with Spear, Mastery with the Meteor Hammer, Mastery in Monkey Style (picture Jiujitsu)
Attacks per Round: 1/1 (7 unarmed with +7/
7 to Attack/Damage and a total +/-11 Punching/Wrestling Chart Modifier)
With Specialized Weapon: 3/2

Initial Slots: 3; Free Slots: 3 (2 Int + 1 Kit); Additional Slots: 1; Arena Acting (13), Jumping (19), Rope Use (17), Tumbling (17), Weapon Improvisation (12); Unused Slots: 1


Armour Weapons Clothing Mounts & Livestock Other
(Weight in packs: Weight in pouches: Other: )


Damage Attacks/ Range
Weapon To Hit S/M L Speed RoF S M (–2) L (–5)




Psionic Strength Points:
Total Disciplines: Total Sciences: Total Devotions:
Attack Modes:
Defense Modes:
Power Score Bonus:


Rizla was born to a Nibenese slave who bore him and was allowed to care for him though wasn’t permitted to have a say in his upbringing. Their owners were aloof and distant, keeping tabs by way of middlemen (who may themselves also have been slaves). From his first steps, Rizla trained Martial Arts and was raised to condition his body to his will.

Breaking, sparring and tumbling became as second nature to him before he was 3, he found his balance and strength to the sounds of cheering crowds. He was 4 the first time he was instructed to kill his opponent, another 4 year old mul. This became a monthly spectacle, watching the slave children fight one another to the death for the masses’ entertainment. Rizla never failed to be victorious.


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