Weapon Merchant


Name: Kemintiri Align: CG Class: Gladiator Level: 7
Race: Half-Elf Kit: Jazst Concept: Weapon merchant
Hair colour: Red haired Eyes colour: Almond Age: 21
Height: 6.65 ft Weight: 115lb Skin: Olive tanned
XP: 133,400 TNL: 150,000

[Rolz nickname: Vadanya_74]


STR 15 Hit +0, Dmg +0, W. all. 55, Max.P. 170, O. Doors 8, Bend B/Lift G 7%
DEX 17 React. +2, Missile Att. +2, Def. Adj. –3
CON 15 HP Adj. +1, S. Shock 90%, Res. Surv. 94%, Poison Save +0
INT 12 #Lang. 3, Spell Lvl. 6th, Chance 50%, Max 7, Sp. Inmun.
WIS 10 M. Def. Adj. +0, Bonus Sp. +0, Sp. Failure 15%, Sp. Inmun.
CHA 9 Max. Hench. 4, Loy. Base +0, React. Adj. +0

Initiative: +2 AC: 4 HP (58): 58
Sav. Throws: P/P/D 11, R/S/W 13, P/P 12, BW 13, Sp 14.

Weapon (3+1/3 lvls): THACO: 14 (13 spec)/ 12 proj.
Weapon Spec. [+1 Hit, +2 Damage, #Atts 2/1. I can exchange one of my attacks in each round to parry, which will decrease my AC by 4] :
Wrist razor [WSp: 2/1] (Wt. 1, Size S, Type S, Spd 2, 1d6+1+2/1d4+1+2).
Double-bladed spear (Wt 6, Size M, Type P, Spd 6, 1d8/1d8).
Singing sticks [WSp: 3/1] (Wt 1, Size S, Type B, Spd 2, 1d6+2/1d4+2).

Non weapon (3+1/3 lvls): Dancing (1, Dex +0), Heat Protection (1, Int –2), Water Find (1, Int +0), Jumping (1, Str +0), Camouflage (1, Wis 0), Persuasion (1, Cha 0).

Half-Elf: Survival [Stony Barrens] (Int 0).
Kit: Artistic Ability [Bone Carving] (Wis 0), Tumbling (Dex 0).
INT (3): Weaponsmithing Crude (1, Int +0 as Bob’s rule); Animal Training (1, Wis +0), Teaching (1, Cha 0).
Trained: Contact (N/A).

Languages: Common, Elvish.

- Infravision (60 ft).
- Survival proficiency: Stony barrens.
- Pet: Z’tal lizard [Learnt tricks: Come,]

- Proficient with all weapons.
- Specialisation in multiple weapons (Wrist Razor, Singing Sticks).
- Expert in unarmed combat: ±4 point modifier to punching and wrestling attack rolls.
AD&D Corebook (Page 97)
- Armor optimisation (5th level): –1 (5th to 9th), –2 (10th to 14th)…
- Followers at 9th level.

Jazst (Kit):
I’m a widely travelled theatrical performer along the arenas. I’m a free, gladiatorial combatant that travel freely between the arenas of major cities. I usually early warm-up acts that amuse the eager crowds.
I’m a highly skilled arena performer, who depend on my theatrical ability, coordination, muscle tone, and balance, rather than brute force, to win in the arena.
I move my graceful about the arena, calling to the crowd for support and verbally attempt to excite me. Once a fever pitch is reached, I begin the more serious business of dispatching my victims with as much flair as possible.

- Special Benefits:
I reach full proficiency in art form (dancing, tumbling, juggling, etc.), I’m taught the Principle of the Razor: small, slim blade of the razor cuts long and deep. Wounds made by the razor are to heal and very painful. This attack can be used and over again, causing opponent to lose muscle coordination, without killing him outright. This enables me to continue my performance for a longer period of time, building the crowd to a frenzy before striking the death blow.

At 3rd level, I learn The Dance of Whirling Blades. This deadly dance is a special attack used only by Jazsts. The attack is executed with great skill, requiring a round of preparation, as I run as fast as I can move toward my target. I then leap into the air spinning towards my intended victim. The maneuver doubles my normal attacks in that round. With each pass, the lithe dancer swirls, cutting the victim with my razor weapons. My whirling attack makes mounting a defense almost impossible.
This devastating attack has its disadvantages, however. The dance lowers my AC by 2 points, during the round of the attack. I must make successful DEX and CON checks immediately following The Dance of Whirling Blades.
Failure of the DEX check means that I become dizzy or off balance and fall (damaging nothing but my pride). I recover at the end of the round, but may take no other action. A failed CON check means that I’m exhausted and may take no other actions while spending the remainder of the round recovering. I must spend a full turn resting (not walking, or doing any other activity) before I can again attempt this tricky maneuver. The Dance of Whirling Blades is always a great crowd pleaser.

- Special Hindrances:
I’m hated by other gladiators, only because my craft is so different from the traditional styles, but because most evil-aligned Jazst are sinister and bloodthirsty.
Good Jazst gladiators exist, but they are few.
Because they are entertainers Jazst gladiator may have a difficult more than fighters, the time against a seasoned .


Dazzler’s Sticks

Hurk’s Datchi
Weapon +1: +1 to hit, Dmg (1d6/1d4) , Speed: 3.

Wrist razor: Wrist razors consist of a trio of blades that protrude from a heavy arm band. The razors project out over the back of the hand, are extremely sharp, and can be up to 6 inches long.
Wrist razors can be worn on one or both forearms.

Double-bladed spear: The double-bladed spear is nearly identical to the normal spear, however, it carries an additional spearhead on the butt end.
Proficient Use: The proficient wielder of the double-bladed spear can use both ends of the spear in combat against a single opponent by twirling the blades. This maneuver often confuses intelligent opponents who have never seen it before; these foes suffer a -1 penalty to attacks and damage for 2 rounds.
Specialized Use: Anyone who specializes in the double-bladed spear may use it to attack two different opponents at the same time with a -1 penalty to damage. This is in addition to the added attacks usually conferred for specialization, so a specialized user may attack 3 or more separate targets in a single round, provided the targets are no more than a pace away from each other.

Singing sticks: These weapons are one inch in diameter and about 2 ½ feet long. Singing sticks rely more on agility and ability than on simple brute force. They are almost always used in pairs, rather than singly. Made of springy, straight wood such as the cachava plant, they are nearly impossible to break, even when swung with great force.
Singing sticks are extremely light, carved so that the diameter of the ends is slightly larger than that of the center. This unusual shape, combined with the type of wood, is what gives the sticks their name, for they whistle and moan as they are whirled through the air. Adhesive oil is normally applied before battle so that the sticks do not slip from the user’s grasp even during high speed maneuvers.
Although they are light and generally favoured for sparring practice, singing stick can be used with deadly precision in the arena. Many a gladiator has misjudged an opponent because the foe was wielding only these sticks, and has gone to her doom lamenting her mistake.
Proficient Use: Those proficient in the singing stick can use them in two hands without the usual penalty for attacking with two weapons.
Specialized Use: Specialized users of the singing sticks can not only attack with one in each hand, but can also whirl the sticks through an amazing array of defensive and offensive maneuvers, performing one of each without the usual penalty for taking different actions.
[As Bob read them from the Gladiator’s, I can do 2 attacks in the 1st round and 3 in the second, although I can exchange any of these attacks per round for a parry, reducing my AC in 4.] At this level, I’ll deal 2/1 spec will become 3/1, from which I can exchange one of these attacks per round for a parry, reducing my AC in 4: 2/1 + parry]

Magic Club (?)

Complete Healing (The Complete Psionics Handbook, p. 54): Psicometabolic Dev., Prerequ: –, Power Score: Con +0, Init. Cost: 30., Maint. Cost: n/a, Range 0, Prep. Time 24 hrs, AoE: Personal.


Ceramic bits: 351cp

Waterskin, Rations (x5), Belt, Belt Pouch (x2), Hoodie vest, Traveler’s robe, Sandals, Backpack, Fire kit, Carving bone knife, Crude weaponsmith tools, Bone carved animal figurines, Waterskin (x2), Singing sticks, Dazzler’s Sticks, Adhesive oil (x4) , Ceramic Vial (x2), Singing sticks sheath, Sand coloured blanket, Padded armor (woved giant’s hair) [8 AC], monk’s medallion.
Zahyr [Z’tal lizard companion].


Athas is a constant dangerous place, either inside or outside the walls of any city-state.
I was borned in one of the Balican alleyways as the daughter of my elven mother – one of the sellers at the market, from the Graffyon Clan within the Clearwater Tribe – and my father. My mother never told me anything from my father other than he was a human. One day I will find out who and where he is.

I started following the ways of my mother and tribe into customer dealing but my adrenaline wanted more from me so to make an “extra income” I took my training under one of the tutors of House Jarko, fighting under their banner during the process, as I am not a slave.

After I paid his fees, I ended in good terms with them but I wanted a break and see beyond the marbled pillars of Balic, buying and finding raw materials to transform them into pieces of art and weaponry.

In this process I ended arriving to Urik, as the news of an unusual halfling that disposed a manta ray called my interest. Is it true or just a myth? And, if it is true, which technique did they used to achieve such remarkable achievement?


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