Female half-giant gladiator (professional) 4

Experience Points: 9,000
Next Level: 18,000

Strength 20 +3 to hit, +8 to damage, 535 lbs. weight allowance, 700 lbs. max press, open doors 17 (10), bend bars/lift gates 60%
Dexterity 15 -1 defensive adj.
Constitution 20 +5 hit point adjustment, 99% system shock, 100% resurrection survival, regeneration 1/hour
Intelligence 10 2 add’l languages
Wisdom 9
Charisma 14 Maximum # of henchmen: 6, +1 loyalty base, +2 reaction adjustment

THAC0: 17

Hit Points: 74/92
PSPs: 24/24


As with all half-giants, Tahk is a woman of tremendous stature, almost twelve feet tall and ruggedly muscular. She has powerful definition and a wide cheekline. She has red hair, usually under a helm, and pinkish-tan skin.
As a gladiatrix, Tahk usually wears armor: bone brigandine with a trimmed leather cuirass, leather greaves and gloves. While outside the arena she sticks to purple-and-red clothing, usually a large bodice, and wears leather boots wrapped with cloth for extra support and grip.
Tahk has a strong natural charisma that she uses in the arena for a little acting and a little exaggeration. She is boisterous outside of the arena and good-natured, easygoing and friendly, moreso than many half-giants. This has contributed to her popularity.
Tahk is excellent on defense, which tends to surprise her foes; as long as she has a shield, she is very hard to hit. She has studied use of the shield extensively, beyond what most warriors do, in addition to her skills with javelins (for ranged attacks) and war clubs (for melee). She’s also very fast for a half-giant.

Tahk is a slave gladiatrix, who has served for several years in the arena. She’s made quite a bit of money for a variety of owners and has changed hands multiple times. She’s just used to that life, and while she doesn’t really take joy in killing people, she has become somewhat desensitized to it.
Tahk hasn’t really given a lot of thought to what life would be like outside of the arena. That may change soon.


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