Elven Art Dealer


Name: Saffron Align: NG Class: Wizard 4/ Rogue 5 Concept: Art Dealer
Race: Elf Tribe: Clearwater Kit: Smuggler 1
Hair colour: Jet black Eyes colour: Almond Age: 21
Height: 6.65 ft Weight: 145lb
XP: 10,280 | 10,280 TNL: 20,000 | 20,000

[Rolz nickname: Vadanya_74]


STR 11 Hit +0, Dmg +0, W. all. 40, Max.P. 115, O. Doors 6, Bend B/Lift G 2%
DEX 16 React. +1, Missile Att. +1, Def. Adj. –2
CON 13 HP Adj. +0, S. Shock 85%, Res. Surv. 90%, Poison Save +0
INT 19 #Lang. 8, Spell Lvl. 9th, Chance 95%, Max All, Sp. Inmun. 1st lvl Illusions
WIS 10 M. Def. Adj. +0, Bonus Sp. +0, Sp. Failure 15%, Sp. Inmun.
CHA 14 Max. Hench. 6, Loy. Base +1, React. Adj. +2

Initiative: +1 AC: 4 HP (14): 14
Sav. Throws: P/P/D 12, R/S/W 11, P/P 11, BW 15, Sp 12.
Thievery Skills (5th lvl): PP 30%, F/RT 40%, MS 50%, HS 50%, DN 40%, RL 30%, Forge Docs. 45%, Bribe Offics. 45%.

Weapon (2+1/4 lvls):
Dagger, Short bow, Short sword. THACO: 18 melee/ 17 proj.

Non weapon (4+1/3 lvls):
Observation (1, Int +0), Reading/Writing, Som. Concealment (1, Dex –1), Heat Protection (1, Int –2).
INT (8): Water Find (1, Int +0), Spellcraft (1, Int -2), Appraising 2 (1, Int +0), Fast-Talking (1, Cha –), Disguise (1, Cha, –1), Artistic Ability {Painting} 3 (1, Wis +2).
Level ups: Forgery (1, Dex –1), Foraging (1, Int –2).

1 Taken as role-playing example but not using the bonuses given by that Rogue’s kit. 2 +1 to appraise pieces of art, from A. Ability. 3 +2 non-weapon slots added.

Languages: Common, Elvish, Thieves’ Cant.

Elf: Masterful warrior (+1 to hit with native tribal made long bows & long swords), Surprise bonus (If alone or with other elves, enemies receive a -4 to their surprise), Infravision 60ft, No resist to charm/sleep, Elf run.

Rogue: Backstab (x3), Thieves’ Cant.
Wizard: I write my spells as as a kind of fabric color swatch sample sewed.

1st level (3): Detect Magic, Read Magic; Armor, Magic Missile (x2), Metamorphose Liquids (ToM), Identify.
2nd level (2): Alter Self, Invisibility, Forget.

Adrenaline Control (The Complete Psionics Handbook, p. 54): Psicometabolic Dev., Prerequ: –, Init. Cost: 8., Maint. Cost: 4/rnd, Range 0, Prep. Time 0, AoE: Personal.


Ceramic bits: 34cp

Waterskin, Rations (x5), Belt, Belt Pouch (x2), Hoodie vest, Traveler’s robe, Sandals, Backpack, Fire kit, Skinning obsidian shard (to take the skin of animals and use them as canvases), Light 20×20 inch pelt to paint (x2), Painting kit (bone & animal hair brushes, small homemade chitin palette, ceramic pots with diff. colored inks: white, black, red, blue, yellow), Fabric color swatch (x2, “In case a loose one”), Short sword (bone), Dagger (bone), Chalk sticks (x3), Slate (medium size), 5 inches sq. soft common fur skin (functioning as chalk duster).


Athas, a sea of dust and sand, a silent witnesss of previous glory where forgotten stories and buried treasures lie within. Athas, a sea of dust and sand, a dangerous frame where everything and everyone can be depicted.
I’m Saffron, an art dealer that buys, sells and create paintings to the joy of those nobles, templars and rich merchants that are willing to pose to be remembered at their best glory.

My tribe is the Clearwater, honest for the typical standards a non-elf would follow, which is a good asset to trade in markets and cities alike.


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