Sachet the Old


Sachet (Marax’s Husband) Human Male Neutral 6th Level Bard
60 years old, Black hair with heavy grey temples, Grey eyes
XP: 24400/40000

Str 9
Con 11
Dex 13
Int 13
Wis 7
Cha 15

Armor: Leather (Fire Drake) +1, Wooden Buckler Shield
AC: 3
HP: 24/24
Thac0: 18
PSPs: 37/37

Backpack, thieves’ picks, fire kit, 2 large sacks, 3 waterskins, riding boots, breeches, gloves,
Mardaluion’s Drake Armor
Stonebreaker Mace
7 obsidian knives, 6 obsidian daggers, Pair of Wrist Razors, Wooden Buckler Shield
glass vial: 3 dose Scarlet Warden
glass vial: 3 dose Scarlet Warden
glass vial: 3 dose of Scarlet Warden
ceramic pot: 3 dose of Scarlet Warden
ceramic pot:
ceramic pot:3 doses of mountain spider venom

16 silver
99 Ceramic Pieces
22 bits

Weapon Proficiencies:
Knives/Daggers, Bard’s Friends, Clubs.
Non Weapon Proficiencies:
Tumbling, Heat Protection, Juggling, Disguise, Bureaucracy, Lute, Riding (Land Based), read/write language
Languages: Common
Class Skills:

Thieving Abilities: +15 POINTS TO DISTRIBUTE FOR LEVEL 6
move silently 20
hide in the shadows 25
hear noise 25
climb walls 60
forge documents 10
bribe officials 15
escape bonds 10
pick pockets 15
open locks 30
find/remove traps 25
Bard Knowledge stuff: 25 percent chance to identify things. (remember to do this before level 6)
Poisons known: A,B,D,G,E,I
Poison|Method |Onset |Strength(success/fail)
Spider Cactus Powder Slurry/Barbed Scorpion Venom (A)
|Injected | 10-30 minutes|15/0
Assassin Bug, Silt Spider Venoms, Burnt Umber Jelly (B)
|Injected | 2-12 minutes |20/1-3
Black Mastrial Venom (D)
|Injected | 1-2 minutes |30/2-12
Bleached Inix Paste (G)
|Ingested | 2-12 hours |20/10
Scarlet Warden (E)
|Injected | immediate |Death/20
Purple Grass Extract, Methelinoc (I) – Ingested 2-12 minutes 30/15
Power Score: Con -3 8 PSP COST: 12 RANGE: 0/ Touch AREA OF EFFECT: Individual PREREQUISITES: None
This power allows the user to “play dead”, basically bringing all life function to a virtual halt. Only the most careful examination will show that the user is still alive. Life detection and detect life will show nothing unless maintained for at least 3 minutes on the user. Use of probe power will detect life immediately. Before the user makes his MTHACO roll he must announce when he wants to wake up. Then he makes his roll. If he fails then it is up to the DM to decide for how long the user stays in suspended animation. The user my use this power on another creature if it is willing. The user must be in physical contact with the target for 1 hour before attempting this power. Once again the PC must announce for how long he wishes to be under. The user still makes the MTHACO roll to see if the target actually sleeps for that long.
Athasian bards have no restrictions to their armor or weapon choices. However, they tend to wear no armor, favoring more festive clothing, and their weapons are often small enough to be easily concealed. Bards are first and foremost entertainers. Each has some skill as a singer, actor, poet, musician, and juggler. Every bard character specializes in one particular mode of performance, which should be noted on his character sheet. This skill may become pertinent in some role-playing situations.
• A bard can use all thief abilities, including pick pockets, open locks, find/remove traps, move silently, hide in shadows, hear noise, climb walls, read languages, forge documents, bribe officials, and escape bonds. The initial values of each skill is given on TABLE XIX: THIEVING SKILL BASE SCORES (page 35), and is modified by race, Dexterity, and armor worn. Unlike thieves, bards add nothing to these base values at 1st level. Each time a bard advances a level in experience, the player receives another 20 points to distribute to his character. No more than 10 of these points can be assigned to a single skill, and no skill can be raised above 95%.
• A bard can influence reactions, as described in the Player’s Handbook.
• Music, poetry, and stories performed by the bard can be inspirational, as described in the Player’s Handbook.
• Bards learn a “little bit of everything,” as described in the Player’s Handbook
• A bard is a master of poisons, knowledgeable in both their use and manufacture. Each level, the bard rolls 1d4, adds the result to his level, and consults TABLE XVIII to determine which new poison he has mastered.

Sachet the Old

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