Mimyr Vtan

An ancient female water drake


Ancient. Ill tempered. Purportedly guards a gate to the plane of waters.

Much like Wu-Tang (ain’t nothin’ to fuck with).


“If these psurlons could handle,” Snicker. “Lady Vtan, I would be incredibly surprised. While they might be able to obfuscate their presence from her for a short time? She herself is strong in the Way and incredible physical power. You see, Mimyr Vtan is a water drake. Perhaps one of the oldest left in Athas. She guards the Well that leads to the Plane of Waters itself, often preying on the creatures foolish enough to attempt to pass the breach between our world and theirs.”

He pauses in thought for a second.

“The barrier between the worlds is perhaps… thinner where the dwarves broke through to the waters. What is known to my kind and mystics as a ley line or conjunction. Most conjunctions are home to powerful guardians, who draw their essence from the energies of two or more worlds… much like how druids such as I pull our strength from elemental spirits and smaller nexuses.”"Some years ago, my traveling companions and I were looking for a specific rare jewel. One that could be prepared for a certain psionic, um, resonance. My communion with the spirits of the land and oases told us of Mimyr Vtan and her hidden lair… and her treasures. We believed we might be able to trade the Queen of Drakes a headband of jewels and dreams for the singular gem we desired.

My companion and lover, Loden, as well as a few others made our way beneath the town, much as you have before. We made our way to where the dwarf-men broke through to the underground sea. Loden and I summoned the beast-drake and attempted communication."

He pauses and sheds a single tear.

“A trade was made. But Mimyr? She must have been ravenous. Who knew the last time she ate the flesh of an above grounder? Loden was snatched away. The rest of my friends dragged me away from the cursed waters screaming. After that? I refused to travel with my old companions. Our ideals did not align there after.”

- Berg’mench, Druid of Ledo Isle

Mimyr Vtan

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