Lokee, Slayer of Cloud Rays & Savior of Makla, Halfling Male NG 5th level Cleric (Air)
XP: 13100/27500
STR 11
DEX 17
CON 15
WIS 21
INT 13
CHA 12
Armor: Chitin Scale + Bulette Scale Shield (Small)
AC: 0
HP: 26/26
THAC0 (to hit AC 0): 18

PSPs: 40/40

Ceramic Pieces: 200
Weapons carried: Bone Spear, Sling (Sling Stone Ammunition)
Weapon Proficiencies: Spear, Sling, +1 open slot
Nonweapon proficiencies:
Healing (2), Astrology(2), Direction sense (1)

Languages: Halfling, Common

Spells: Level 1: (6 Total) Cure light wounds, Pass without trace, Sanctuary, Detect Snares and Pits, Command, Sanctuary
Spells: Level 2: (6 Total) Dust Devil, Silence (15’ radius), Spiritual Hammer, Resist Fire/Resist Cold, Obscurement, Winds of Change.
Spells: Level 3: (4 Total) Call Lightning, Remove Curse, Dispel magic, Air Lens
Spell Immunities: Cause Fear, charm person, command, friends, hypnotism, forget, hold person, ray of enfeeblement, scare, fear.
Bone Spear: 1d6 (-1 to damage, 1 to hit probability)
Sling: Sling Stone (1d4)
Chitin Scale Mail: 5 AC (Might need to be less…) Dunter’s Cap [Cursed] – effects unknown.
Feather Fall: At the 3rd level, a cleric of air may choose to invoke feather fall once per day. The duration of this ability is the extent of the fall. If the priest should happen to fall a second time, he had best have a spell of the same name prepared.
Refreshing Breeze: A constant breeze will caress the cleric’s skin whenever he is outdoors. The cooling this provides will reduce his water requirements by one-half, and that grants him a +1 reaction bonus because of his relaxed composure. The priest will hardly sweat when others are drenched, but can sunburn and suffer other such effects normally.
At the 5th level, air clerics may ignore the presence of air for a number of rounds equal to their level. Air priests are not affected by spells that attack with wind or air, and the cleric does not have to breathe. A 5th-level air cleric is unaffected by poison gas or by spells such as stinking cloud. Should his power be expended while the cleric is subjected to a spell or condition, he is affected normally.
Sacrifice. When an elemental cleric reaches 5th level, he or she may be given a power that is sometimes more of a curse than a blessing. Because this power has a negative effect on the character, it is presented as an optional rule. More experienced players and those who want to develop their preserver characters are encouraged to use the sacrifice ability. When invoked, this granted power allows the priest to sacrifice himself for the land. Any time a cleric is within a defiler’s magical destruction radius x2, he may substitute his life force for the spell’s energy. In game terms, the cleric loses 1 hit point for every level of the spell he is trying to energize. When the cleric makes this sacrifice, the land will suffer no ill effects. If he should come up short, the priest loses all remaining hit points and whatever remains is taken from the land. Sacrifice is an extremely altruistic action, and the elemental lords truly appreciate those who take this course. In addition, it is good role-playing. As a reward, the DM should give the character 100 experience points for every hit point lost in this manner. There are no penalties should a priest fail to sacrifice himself for the land or his element, unless it causes him to violate his pact.
Wild Talent:
Animate Shadow
Power Score: Wis -3 18, PSP Initial cost 3/ maintenance 3
With this devotion the psionicist can animate the shadow cast by anyone or anything and make it seem to have life of its own. The shadow can even move away from the person or thing that cast it. It must, however, remain flatly cast along a surface. It can never be more than two-dimensional. An animated shadow can’t really do anything other than startle or amuse someone. It cannot attack or disrupt a mage’s concentration. In this regard, it is similar to a cantrip’s effect. It can serve as a diversion by entertaining someone or attracting a guard’s attention.


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