Player: Michael
Character Name: Leimin Proll
Race: Dwarf; Sex: Male
Height: 4’ 7”; Eyes: Brown
Weight: 195lbs; Hair: Bald
Size: Medium; Age: 35
Class: Fighter/Cleric
Kit: Myrmidon/Primordial Summoner
Level: 5/5
Alignment: Lawful Good

Current Experience: 16,000/16,000
Need for Next Level: 32,000/27,500 (16,000 or 11,750 away)

Armor Class: 1
Without Dexterity: 1; Rear: 3
Without Shield: 3; Touch: 10

Hit Points: 55
Temporary: 55
Maximum: 55

Movement Rate 6

Ability Scores

Strength: 18(98); To Hit/Damage: +2 to hit and +5 to damage; Weight Allowance: 235lbs; Max Press: 380lbs; Open Doors: 15(3); Bend Bars/Lift Gates: 35%

Dexterity: 11; Reaction Adj. 0; Missile Bonus 0; Defensive Adj. 0

Constitution: 18; Hit Point +4; System Shock 99%; Resurrection 100%; Poison 0; Regeneration Nil

Intelligence: 12; Maximum Spell Level: 7th; Learn Chance: 50%; Max Spells/lvl: 6 Bonus Proficiencies: 3

Wisdom: 19; Magical Def. Adj. +4; Bonus Spells/Level: 3/2/2/1; Chance of Failure: 0%

Charisma: 10; Max Henchmen: 4; Loyalty Base: 0; Reaction Adj. 0

Saving Throws

Paralysation, Poison, or Death Magic 9
Rod, Staff, or Wand 13
Petrification or Polymorph 12
Breath Weapon 15
Spells 14

Special Abilities
Racial Abilities: 60’ Infravision, 4 to saves vs rods, wands, staves, spells and poisons, Focus grants a +1 to all rolls related to his focus; Class Abilities: (Myrmidon/Fighter) Can operate Heavy War Machines (bombardment, crushing engines or siege towers), Can train students in the Heavy Crossbow, Free Specialization in Heavy Crossbow; (Primordial Summoner/Cleric) Daily Earth Gate == 3 cubic feet/day, Fueled Earth Gate == 1 cubic foot + 2 cubic feet/level of spell slot expended, Ignore Earth for 5 rounds per day, Minor Powers (3/2 to all saving throws vs spells from the sphere of Earth,5/Endure,7/Eliminate Tracks,9/Meld Into Stone,11/Encasement)
Languages Known: Dwarven, Terran, Trade


Initial Slots: 6, Proficient with Kirre Style (picture “soft” redirects and throws), Proficient with Crushing/Cleaving Broad Group, Proficient with Short Blades Tight Group; Free Slots: Specialization with the Heavy Crossbow
Additional Slots: 2, Proficient with Spears Tight Group
Attacks per Round: 1/1
With Specialized Weapon: 1/2

Initial Slots: 7, Animal Handling (20), Defensive Tactics (19), Healing (19), Literacy (13), Religion (19), Tactics (13); Free Slots: (Earth Cleric) Agriculture (14)/(Intelligence) Engineering (9)/(Myrmidon) Ancient History (Military History; 13), Fire-Building (20)/(Primordial Summoner) Dancing (13), Planes Lore (11)
Additional Slots: Somatic Concealment (12), Veterinary Healing (18)


Armour: Braxat Plate (AC 3), Death Watch Beetle Body Shield (+2 AC)
Weapons: Dwarven Warhammer (made of stone and agafari), Heavy Crossbow (made of agafari), Short Sword (made of stone)

Clothing Mounts & Livestock Other
Encumbrance: 73 lbs carried
(Weight in packs: Weight in pouches: Other: )


THAC0: 17
Damage Heavy Crossbow 1d4+1/1d6+1 (3 if within 60’), Short Sword 1d65/1d8+5, Warhammer 1d4+6/1d4+5


Bits: 2
Ceramic: 2


Spells per Day/Level 5/4/2/1/0/0/0

Spell Immunities:

Wild Talent: Empathy

Psionic Strength Points: 41
Total Disciplines: 1; Total Sciences: 0; Total Devotions: 1
Attack Modes:
Defense Modes:
Power Score Bonus:


Born in North Ledopolus to peasant wheat farmers, Leimin’s parents died when he was an infant and he was adopted by an Earth Cleric who was an Aprigherd (and also wheat farmer). Leimin’s adopted father told him of his parents and their deaths at the hands of raiders. This spurred the young farmboy to train as a soldier in addition to his initiation to the clergy. When he reached the age of maturity, he threw in with a dwarven mercenary crew working out of Urik, he worked with them for several years before returning home to North Ledopolus. He has been working for the past several years as a free-agent mercenary selling the construction of fortifications and housing structures.


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