half tarek, half elf, all trouble


Race: El’Rek (Tarek/elf) Class: Fighter sex: male Level: 5 (max 10th) HP: 32 Alignment: CG Thaco 16
AC: 3 (natural AC 7 plus Dex and armor) / AC2 with Armor Optimization

Str 19 +3 to hit, +7 dmg wt. allow 485 OD 16/8 BB/LG 50%
Int 13 +3 proficiencies
Dex 16
Con 13
Wis 11
Cha 10

Ht: 6 ft. 6 in. Wt: 260
Mv 12
Age: 18

Racial abilities:
60” infravision, ignores becoming unconscious due to going into negative hit points. An El’Rek can continue to fight while bleeding out for a number of rounds equal to a third of his or her Constitution score. Healing said character before -11 HP is reached will save such a character from death.

Penalties: -3 reaction to elves and tareks, -3 reaction to known preservers, -5 reaction to known defilers, will only use magic items if weapons, armor, or faith-based.

Languages: Common, Elven, Tarek
Bonus proficiency: Survival: Sandy Wastes
Bonus WP: Heartpick, Handfork
Fighter ability: operate heavy war machines

Weapon Specialty: heartpick
WP: tortoise blade, spear, heavy crossbow
NWP: 4 slots + 3 from Int: Heat protection+2 (13), Armor Optimization (10) gaming +1 (11), land-based riding


Studded leather armor, leather helm and sand goggles, bone heartpick, bone hand fork, pouch of bone dice, sigil of House Tromblador
Money: 11 CP until payday

bone heartpick: SF 7, Thaco 13, #AT 3/2, dmg 1D6+9 / 2d4+8

Special defense: Parry with handfork

On duty, with House Tromblador gear:
Hvy Crossbow: SF 10, Thaco 16, D6-1/D4-1
Bone Spear: SF 6, Thaco 17, D6+6/D8+6

Wild Talent:

Share Strength
Power Score: Con -4
Initial Cost: 6
Maintenance Cost: 2/round
Range: touch
Preparation Time: 0
Area of Effect: individual
Prerequisites: none
The psionicist can effectively lend his physical Strength to another character. The psionicist sacrifices two of his own Strength points (ability points, not PSPs) for every single point the recipient gains. This transfer remains in effect until the psionicist stops paying the devotion’s maintenance cost; then all points return in one round. If the recipient is killed before the psionicist gets his Strength points back, the psionicist’s Strength score is permanently reduced. If the psionicist’s die roll is a I, he must expend three points for each point his pal gains, instead of two for one.
Power Score: The point transfer is 1:1.


“I find Balic to hunt my craven brother Horugg the Grim and drink the blood of his two false hearts. I now guard the dock warehouse of Tromlador. They good to me when nobody was."


Knuckle-walking dusty terror of the desert, newly hired by as a guard for the port. Grateful to find a smaller house where no others would hire him, and he will not do bloody work for bad elements, not his style. Hides his survivor’s wits behind gruff impatience and ham-sized biceps. Will defend House Tromblador to the death and his official house sigil is his most prized possession after his weapons. He will drink the blood of his craven brother Horrugg’s two false hearts. His body odor is almost visible and IS THAT A PROBLEM?


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