Hatim Jabbar


Character sheet

Hatim is a dark-skinned centaur with brown flanks that bear small white spots. His hair is likewise black, and he has the deep tan of regular exposure to the sun. He has a narrow face and a long nose, and while he is not incredibly muscular, he is tough and hardy beyond most measure.
Hatim generally does not wear armor, though he has a loose wrap about his torso and a hood to keep the sun from his head. He carries a lance and a variety of other weapons as well as a hide-faced shield. Since he must travel provisioned, he also wears a pack over his back that stores a large quantity of dried food and a small barrel of water in addition to a collection of waterskins.


Hatim’s people live as nomads, wandering from oasis to oasis and surviving by hunting or raiding as the situation demands. Hatim himself is no stranger to ambushing caravans or chasing prey animals; he is an experienced hunter and warrior.
Hatim’s tribe was scattered during an encounter with a caravan that was actually a trap. House Tsalaxa sent a laden caravan with hidden guards specifically to flush out raiders, and their trap worked. Hatim’s tribe was shattered, half of his people killed, many others scattered to the desert or taken as prisoners (likely to be sold as expensive slaves). Hatim barely escaped with his life, only his powerful constitution enabling him to survive his wounds. Now he has a burning hatred of House Tsalaxa and a need for a way to earn allies and boarding, which may well drive him toward the cities.

Hatim Jabbar

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