Haadan of the South House


Player: Michael See
Character Name: Haadan
Race: Dwarf Sex: Male
Height: 4’ 7" Eyes:
Weight: 209 Hair: Bald
Size: M Age: 49
Class: Psion/Trader
Kit: None
Level: 5/5
Alignment: LN

Current Experience: 17,750/17,750
Need for Next Level: 30,000/20,000

Hit Points 32/32

Strength 14
Dexterity 13
Constitution 16
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 15
Charisma 16

PSP: 35/35
AC: 10
Thac0: 19

Weapon Proficiencies: Crossbow Weapon Group, Dagger, Short Sword

Non-Weapon Proficiencies: Appraise (14), Bargain (13), Contact (15), Literacy (15), Weaponsmithing (11), Wind-Sailing (13)

Equipment: Agafari Hand Crossbow with Bronze mechanisms (the showroom floor model), Bone Short Sword, Copper LCC Signet Ring

Description: Think John Rhys-Davies from the Indiana Jones movies if he was an Athasian Dwarf. He keeps his hygiene impeccable and wears only the finest custom tailored Tyrian silks and handcrafted Nibenese agafari geta.

Focus: Utilize my skills with networking to enrich myself and contribute to the betterment of my community.

Languages: Common, Dwarven, 1 open slot

Class Abilities: Bribe Official: 25%; Dig Tunnel: 30%; Escape Bonds: 15%; Find/Remove Traps: 20%; Forge Document: 50%; Open Locks: 20%; Pick Pockets: 15%; Read Languages: 15%; Poisons Known: A (Method: Injected; Onset: 1d3x10 minutes; Strength: 15/0), D (Method: Injected; Onset: 1d2 Minutes; Strength: 30/2d6), G (Method: Ingested; Onset: 2d6 Hours; Strength: 20/10), H (Method: Ingested; Onset: 1d4 Hours; Strength: 20/10)

Disciplines: Primary: Telepathy; Secondary: Clairsentience
Sciences: Aura Sight (12), Hallucination (13), Mindlink (12)
Devotions: Attraction (13), Awe (16), Conceal Thoughts (17), Danger Sense (14), Empathy (17), False Sensory Input (13), Impossible Task (16), Invisibility (11), Know Location (16), Know Direction (16)
Attacks: Ego Whip (14), Id Insinuation (13), Mind Thrust (15); Defenses: Intellect Fortress (14), Mental Barrier (15), Mind Blank (10)


Haadan of the South House: Native of South Ledopolus, member of the Ledopolan Crossing Charterhouse. They are a company chartered by 11 natives of Ledopolus (4 North and 7 South) seeking to do commerce in the Tyr Region chasing acclaim for their company and fortune for their community. Haadan is the LCC company representative for House Wavir and Balic (not Nibenay due to his history there) as well as something of a noble back home in Ledopolus (his family holds rights to a copper mine southeast of South Ledopolus). Known to have fathered at least 1500 children (those are just the times he sold seed to the mul stables). Haadan only isn’t Lawful Good due to his willingness to perpetrate evil on Evil, though even then he does not condone nor engage in torture.

Killed by a dream spider in Nibenay.

Haadan of the South House

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