Ghedran, CG Dwarf Male Fighter (4)
EXP: 12000/16000

STR 18
DEX 12
CON 15
INT 11
CHA 11

Armor: Chitin Scale armor
AC: 6
HP: 24
THAC0: 17
PSPs: 56

Ceramic Pieces:140
Weapons Carried: Shortbow, Gouge, War Hammer

Weapons Proficiencies: Gouge (2), War Hammer (1), Shortbow (2),
Nonweapon Proficiencies: Armorer (2), Weapon Smithing (1), Armor Optimization (1), Blacksmithing (1), Tactics(1)
Languages:Common, Dwarven

Spell Immunities:

Backpack (2 cp, 2lbs)
Belt, 1 large pouch, 1 small pouch (2 cp)
Riding boots (3 cp)
Breeches (2 cp)
Scale Armor (120 cp, 40 lbs)
Tunic (8 bits)
Rope: 50 feet (1cp, 20 lbs)
Waterskins, 4 (2 bits each, 1lb each)
Bedroll (17 cp, 4lbs)
Dry rations: 3 weeks (30 cp)

Focus: Eventually constructing a suit of armor just like the ancients. (Metal, etc.)

Wild Talent: Control Body
Control Body
Power Score: Con -2
Initial Cost:8
Maintenance Cost: 8/round
Range: 80 yard
Preparation Time: 0
Area of Effect: individual
Prerequisites: telekinesis
This science allows psychokinetic control of
another person’s body. In effect,the victim becomes a marionette. He knows that someone
else is pulling his strings, though, and he‘s
probably mad as all get-out.
Before this science actually works, the
psionicist must engage in a psychic contest,
pitting his power score directly against the victim’s Strength. If the victim wins the contest,
he breaks free (the psionicist still pays the
power cost).In a tie, the contest continues into
the next round, provided the psionicist maintains the power. The victim can‘t do anything
else during this contest; all his effort is focused
on retaining control of his own body.
If the power works, the psionicist has rudimentary control over the victim%limbs. He
can make the victim stand up, sit down, walk,
turn around, etc. The body can be forced to attack physically, but with a -6 penalty on attack rolls (using the victim’s own THACO).
The victim can’t be forced to speak. In fact, he
keeps control over his own voice and can say
whatever he likes.
The victim must stay within the 80 yards range or the psionicist’s control is broken automatically. If the body is forced to do something obviously suicidal, like walking off a cliff or poking at a red dragon, the victim can fight another contest with the psionicist to regain control (the adrenaline rush of imminent danger gives him renewed strength).
Power Score-The psionicist automatically wins the initial psychic contest. 20-The psionicist suffers partial paralysis (an arm or leg) for 1 d1o turns.

Power: Telekinesis
Power Score: Wis -3
Initial Cost: 3+
Maintenance Cost: 1+/round
Range: 30 Yards
Preparation Time: 0
Area of Effect: Single Item
Prerequisite: none

Telekinesis, or ‘TK" for short, is the ability
to move objects through space without touching them. All telekinetic efforts tend to be physically taxing, because they involve real work. Moving small, light objects is relatively
easy. As the objects become more massive, the task becomes significantly more difficult.
The costs above (3 PSPs initially and 1 per round of maintenance) assume that the object
being moved weighs 3 pounds or less. For heavier objects, these rules apply:
The initial cost equals the object’s weight in pounds.
The maintenance cost is half the initial cost, rounded down.
The character’s power score is decreased by one-third of the object’s weight in
pounds, rounded down. For example, to telekinetically snatch a 15-
pound battleaxe from a rack, a psionicist must pay 15 PSPs and make a power check with a
-5 modifier to his score.
A psionicist using TK can move an object up to 60 feet per round. The object can serve as a
weapon. In this case, the character attacks using his own THACO score, with a penalty
equaling the object’s weight modifier (one third its weight, rounded down).
Power Score-The character can lift a second item of equal or lesser weight simultaneously for the same cost.
20-The psionicist “fumbles” the item,
knocking it over, etc.


Ghedran grew up in Nibenay. His father was an armorer, but not just any armorer, he was a blacksmith. He worked it metal, closely supervised and never alone. But he taught Ghedran all he knew. The time came as Ghedran grew older to join the military for a time and did so as a soldier, armorer, and weapons-crafter. He learned much about war and weapons, but never could shake his love for working in metals. When he returned from one campaign, he visited his father and saw, for the first time, a suit of armor crafted by the ancients. From that moment, all else faded into minor importance and the need to craft such a suit with his own hands became his driving force. When his time in the military came to an end, he began to wander, looking for sources of metal that he could use to help him complete his work. Sometimes leading him into restricted areas and lairs of bandits. He’s survived so far, what’s the worst that could happen? Get turned into dust by a giant bug? Pfft.
Rumor has it that there was a large explosion in the sands to the north some time in the past – that Ghedran believes may have been from the stars. Sky metal is one of the rare things one might be able to stumble upon that could give a decent amount of fresh alloy to work with. With that in mind, he heads out.


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