Bankhuv Ther


Player: Remie
Race: Halfling Sex: M
Height: Eyes: Blue
Weight: Hair: Brown
Size: S Age: 30
Class: Psion/Thief
Kit: None
Level: 5/6
Alignment: N

Current Experience: 21,500 / 21,500
Need for Next Level: 30,000 / 40,000

Armor Class: 3 (leather, dex)
Without Dexterity: Rear:
Without Shield: Touch:

Hit Points 45

Movement Rate 6

Ability Scores

Strength 11
To Hit/Damage: Allowance: Press: Doors: Lift Gates: Weight Max Open Bend Bars/

Dexterity 18
Reaction Adj. Missile Bonus Defensive Adj.

Constitution 17
Hit Point System Shock Resurrection Poison Regeneration

Intelligence 17
Maximum Spell Level: Learn Chance: Max Spells/lvl: Bonus Proficiencies:

Wisdom 18
Magical Def. Adj. Spell Level: Chance of Failure:

Charisma 11
Max Henchmen: Loyalty Base: Reaction Adj.

Saving Throws

Paralysation, Poison, or Death Magic 12
Rod, Staff, or Wand 12
Petrification or Polymorph 9
Breath Weapon 15
Spells 13
(+2 vs mind
+4 halfling con,
+4 wis)

Special Abilities

Racial Abilities

All halfling characters have a high resistance to magical spells, so for every 3-½ points of Constitution score, the
character gains a +1 bonus on saving throws vs. wands, staves, rods, and spells. These bonuses are summarized
on Table 9.
Halflings have a similar resistance to poisons of all sorts, so they gain a Constitution bonus identical to that for
saving throws vs. magical attacks when they make saving throws vs. poison (i.e., +1 to +5, depending on
Constitution score).
Halflings have a natural talent with slings and thrown weapons. Rock pitching is a favorite sport of many a
halfling child. All halflings gain a +1 bonus to their attack rolls when using thrown weapons and slings.
A halfling can gain a bonus to surprise opponents, but only if the halfling is not in metal armor. Even then, the
halfling must either be alone, or with a party comprised only of halflings or elves, or 90 feet or more away from
his party to gain this bonus. If he fulfills any of these conditions, he causes a -4 penalty to opponents’ surprise
rolls. If a door or other screen must be opened, this penalty is reduced to -2.

Class Abilities

Psionicists gain a +2 bonus on all saving throws vs. enchantment/charm spells and the like. This is in addition to
their magical defense adjustment for high Wisdom.

Rogues gain backstab. x3

Languages Known: Halfling, Common


Singing sticks, club, short sword, short bow, dagger

Rejuvenation, Contact, Water find, Bargain, Bribery etiquette, Literacy, Etiquette, Information gathering, Observation, Power manipulation

Bankhuv’s Shroud, singing sticks, leather armor, backpack, 4 belt pouches, 5 pc chalk, hooded lantern, lamp oil, small sack, candle wax (1 pound), waterkin x4, short bow, 12 flight arrows, quiver, winter blanket, iron rations (2 weeks)


THAC0: 18

Dark Jasper Dirk


Bits: 6
Ceramic: 22

Spell Immunities:


Psionic Strength Points: 95
Total Disciplines: 2 Total Sciences: 3 Total Devotions: 10
Attack Modes: Psionic blast, Ego whip, Psychic crush
Defense Modes: Intellect fortress, Mind Blank, Tower of iron will
Power Score Bonus: +2

Sciences: Teleport, Wormhole
Devotions: Duo dimension, Dimensional blade, Dimension door, Dimensional screen, Time shift, Teleport trigger

Sciences: Mindlink
Devotions: ESP, Mind bar, Sight link, Truth ear, Contact (free)

Rogue Skills +30 points to distribute

Bribe 20
Climb Walls 55
Detect Noise 40
Find/Remove Traps 60
Forge Document
Hide in Shadows 60
Move Silently 65
Pick Pockets 30
Read Languages 15


Bankhuv Ther (meaning Dark Handed Dreamer, and a pretentious, exaggerated name for a
halfing) was born to a halfling tribe who called a village near the Estuary of the Forked tongue home. His mother, Toshdhev Sulgon, was a speaker, a cleric of air, and his tutor in the way from his youngest days. Many happy days were spent eating dwarves pilfered from S. Ledopolus, frolicking with his friends, and cradled on his mother’s back as she was raiding the trade road.

Despite his ridiculously long name he was accepted by his tribe. After all, who was going to argue with his mother? Soon, though, her fame spread and warriors of every race descended upon the tribe. Duty bound to save her people, Toshdhev stayed on to fight, but realizing the gravity of the situation, sent her beloved son (pop!) into the waiting arms of her old acquaintance Ghav.

Ghav had a family in Balic, and worked at the Cerebran, fetching and cleaning. His children, Heon, Har and Tuin, were well known nuisances around the place. Their teeth were, unnaturally, not filed, and they teased Bankhuv mercilessly for the length of his name. They called him pretentious, and savage, and he rarely participated in their games unless as the butt of a joke. He learned to shorten his name, then, to Khuv.

He did spend time quietly listening in on lectures, although he quickly learned to stay away from the students themselves, after noticing that the ones with the colourful ideas quickly stopped attending. Eventually a lecturer, Buteo, caught him. Rather than reprimanding the halfling, he spoke with him, and recognizing the difference between this one and the other three scuttling about, took him under his wing as a pet, insisting only that Khuv submit to the reshaping of his sharpened teeth, since he was now a civilized halfling.

At barely twenty-five, Ghav declared his duty to the boy done, and Khuv took to sleeping in
Buteo’s office, keeping out of the way much of the time down at the docks. At first the Balicans were hostile to the little fellah, but over time, as people do, they got used to seeing him around. The one occasion where a sailor stepped too far over the mark and earned the ire of Buteo may have served as some form of social lubricant also.

Now, Khuv has started to realise that he is unlikely to spend the rest of his life living on another man’s floor, and has been hard at work earning ceramic to fund his adventures and find a place he can truly call home.

Bankhuv Ther

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